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I have learned it is not focusing on weight loss, but focusing on health. Taking care of what has been given to us. Keeping our body ready for the assignments God is giving us to do.

Maybe you can relate to me. A women who has raised their wonderful children and worked a full time job, and maybe throw in a course here and there?

Like me, maybe you are retired or getting close to retirement, and wondered what your life is going to look life after retirement and the kiddos leave the nest?

You have reached a time in your life where you know who you are? Maybe you have a few battle scars (wrinkles). You want to start travelling more, maybe you have things you have never tried. Your bucket list is staring at you. God is talking to ya.

Maybe you want to start travelling. Maybe doing missions trips (that is me)? But maybe your body is talking to ya. Sore knees, sore back. Foggy head. That is not what you signed up for. You expected to retire and start to really enjoy freedom. Maybe you feel you have finally realized you want to finish this life you were given strong.

You have thought of doing these things but your body is not co-operating. What if making some simple lifestyle changes, without crazy diets. Focusing on your mind, body and spirit could make some amazing changes to how you feel.  Would you give it a shot?

It may not be easy, but so worth the effort. If you are ready to do some work, and make a new life. This may be for you.

Now don’t let me hear you say….. it is too late for me. Never, ever is it too late. Just google Ernestine Shepherd… what an inspiration. She became the oldest female bodybuilder in the world at the age of 75. She is now in her 80’s. Amazing woman!!

Our bodies are incredible when it comes to healing ( of course, because God made us that way). Give it the things it needs and it wants to balance itself.

Now some of these changes may seem difficult at first, only because a large percentage of us, don’t like change. A large percentage of us are addicted to foods. Not the ones we should be addicted to. Unfortunately manufacturers put ingredients in our food, to make us want them.

When we can understand why and how to change that, what a difference it can make. Asking for help is the first step. From people around us, and of course our creator.

Imagine being a healthy weight, feeling energized, not needing that morning coffee. Trying paddle boarding, zumba, zip lining, without feeling you can’t move for a week after.

Our recovery from physical activity has so much to do with our bodies ability to heal from inflammation.

What if you could feel alert and energized and even start dreaming about a new career?  Not retiring but living your dreams. Starting a new business? Running a ministry?

It is never too late to live the life you have only dreamed about. I love that women in their 50, 60, and 70’s have found an amazing way of helping other women achieve their dreams of fantastic health and wealth, through USANA Health Sciences easy compensation plan. Not only are we helping women with their health, we show them a way to earn residual income, and more than they every dreamed possible.

Are you looking for something new and exciting? Join our team of vibrant women whose mission to help others become warrior women. This journey will change your mind, body and spirit.

I am approaching 57 and like Ernestine Shepherd I will not stop doing what I am doing until God calls me home.

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Linda Murphy

Love and Gratitude Always !!!

With compassion and support, I can help guide you to better health

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Are you confused with all the information out there? Don’t know what or who to believe? Don’t blame you…. I get confused with all the crazy info out there. Fortunately, I had great teachings at a well recognized school along with my great connections with some top health guru’s in the industry.

 I am also extremely proud to be partnered with the top scientists and doctors in the world. I receive the most current information that I can pass on to my clients.  My recommendations are lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime. We do not believe in fad diets, pills or risky surgeries. Nothing replaces eating whole organic foods, and understanding what foods can heal or harm us. I will walk you through your journey with compassion and support.

I am proud to be partnered with a company that spends millions on research. Gives their athletes a million dollar guarantee. Has chemical free skin care. As a holistic nutritionist I was looking for a company that had integrity, state of the art products that are safe and I can trust for my family, friends and clients. Most of all these products needed to actually work. There is story after story of people that have said the these products have made a huge difference in their lives. I myself have witnessed my family members health dramatically improve. I myself have more energy now then in my 30’s, and I am now going to be turning 57.

I believe healthy eating partnered with a great multi vitamin, along with great mindset and strong faith, is the best combo for optimal health. Let me walk you through my journey. Together we can grow and thrive.

The following insurance companies recognize the services of Certified Nutritional Practitioners who are members in good standing of The International Organization of Nutritional Consultants or the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners:


  • Co-operators Insurance-Large Group Policies
  • RWAM Insurance Administrators Inc.
  • SunLife – Extended Benefits Policy
  • TD Canada – Flex Benefits
  • RWAM Insurance Administrators Inc.
  • Green Shield Benefit Coverage
  • ManuLife

Plans known as “Flex Plans” allow members to use their selected funds for complementary health services such as those offered by Heal Naturally and RNCPs/ROHPs/NNCPs.


Please verify with your insurance provider to confirm specific coverage. If you do not have coverage, you may communicate your request for this service to your employer. A letter from Heal Naturally will be provided to you for your HR department upon request. Often, adding the service of a Certified Nutritionist to an existing policy is accepted.

Many insurance companies may cover the cost of Nutritional Consultations when your receipt is accompanied by a doctor’s referral.

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