I was inspired to do what I do for several reasons.

Linda’s health journey started at a young age. She recalls perusing the isles of her local library looking for books on health and yoga at the tender age of 10. She laughs recalling a story of her Mom, finding her upside down perfecting her headstands, and walking away shaking her head.

Linda had an extremely scary experience when she had an anaphylatic attack while camping with friends at the age of 14.  Luckly for her there was a nurse at the campsite. As soon as Linda got home from that experience, and then being told by the doctor,  she would have to do a food elimination diet to find out what the allergy was. Off to the library she went to find more info on what other alternatives there may have been.

This desire to learn and read more about health and the body continued into her teens and 20’s. It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 39, she took her need for learning more about nutrition to a new level.  She wasn’t sure where or what to take. She just happened to stumble across an article in the Readers Digest about Janet Podieski and her sister Greta, who wrote the book the Looneyspoons. Janet Podieski mentions taking a course to become a Registered Holistic nutritionist.  Bam!! that was it, thought Linda. She too wanted to become a Holistic Nutritionist, before she even really knew what one does as a Holistic Nutritionist. But she pursued it, and came across a school in Mississauga called CSNN (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition). She was so enthralled with the idea, she signed up to do complete the course in the eccelerated  program of 1 year instead of 2. That was back in 2006. Fast forward, she recently retired from the school board as an EA and is now pursuing her dream of only teaching wellness. She is counselling people on a regular basis, and just recently landed a job teaching at CSNN. This is truly a dream come true for Linda.

If you have ever meet Linda you know immediately that she is extremely passionate about helping others with their health.

Her hope is to inspire others as much as she has been inspired by so many other amazing people. She feels our world is in desperate need of more people to spread the word of amazing health and wealth.

She hopes everyone that comes across her site or meets her in person, feels the incredible passion she has for helping others, achieve their goals and dreams in health and financial freedom.