Are you ready for a 30 day reset ?

August 17, 2020 Fitness, meal planning, Weight Loss, Wellness 0 Comments


This program is everything you need to kick start the new you.

This program has combined the science of USANA with the knowledge of Holistic Nutritionist Linda Murphy.

USANA reset kit $95 (15 packs protein powder, 5 days probiotics, 5 days am and pm supplements.)

15 individual packs of USANA protein powder.

USANA Cellsentials (multi vitamins 1 month worth)

USANA Probiotics (1 month worth)

Specialized menu plan/ smoothie recipes

Health Coaching book (created by Bestbody4life)

15 min weekly calls with Holistic Nutritionist

Exercise band with instructions

Shaker bottle

Contact Linda at

$355.00 including tax




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