Citrus Smoothie

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This smoothie is great for helping the immune system.

1 grapefruit – high in vit C and A. May help with insulin control. High in water and fibre

1 orange- high vitamin C. Helps reduce chances of kidney stones. Helps increase iron absorption

1 cup of organic baby carrots- High in Vit A. Reduce risk of Cancer. Reduce cholesterol

2 stalks celery- high in vit K. High antioxidants. Reduce chances of cancer. Good for eye health. Bone health

1 apple with seeds- Read up on apple seeds and make your own decision. I have read many articles on the benefits of B17 which is in a number of fruit seeds. One of the most common is apricot seeds. Which I eat only two a day. apple seeds are a lot smaller. I only put 1 apple in my smoothie with the seeds.

1/2 cup kale- the super food. High in Vit C , A and K. High in lutein for the eyes.

1 inch chunk of ginger (if organic skin and all)- great antioxidant and anti inflammatory. Great for stomach upset

small piece of lemon rind- high in bioflavanoids. High antioxidant. May have anti fungal and anti bacterial properties.

Add banana or pineapple for sweetness- banana high in potassium, pineapple has an enzyme called bromelain great anti inflammatory

for liquid I use 1 cup kombucha that I make and water to fill. Or you can use just water or organic juice. Experiment for taste.

Add 1 or 2 scoops of Nutrimeal protein powder. I like the Nutrimeal free plant based one.

Blend in a good blender to make smooth. I use a vitamix.


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