Common Recommendations for good digestion

March 23, 2013 Wellness 0 Comments

There are simple ways to help our digestive system. Without proper digestion, it doesn’t matter how well you eat, you may not be metabolizing what you are eating.

Do not drink with your meals, it dilutes stomach acids that are needed to help with digestion. Especially when eating protein.

Do not  take antacids, they coat the stomach, and impede the absorption of vitamins and mineral.

Our stomach acids deplete as we age, so if you are suffering from digestive issues, refrain from getting drugs that suppress stomach acid. Try taking HCL (can purchase at the health food store). Take apple cider vinegar with meals. Liquid or pill form. Try digestive enzymes and probiotics (available to purchase from USANA). The simplest things we can do as well is: eat in a stress free environment, and make sure you chew your food well.

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