Is Cancer genetic?

November 1, 2014 Wellness 0 Comments

Should we be worried if our family has a history of cancer.? Research has proven that 98% of cancers are preventable, only 2% are truly genetic. Even if you have family members that have cancer, it does not mean you are doomed to get cancer. You may a predisposition for cancer but those genes will not be activated with proper nutrition and taking care of the immune system.

The saddest story I had heard recently is Angelina Jole having her breasts removed because there was a family history of breast cancer. I am appalled that doctors would actually agree to do that kind of invasive surgery on a young healthy woman.

If she had gone to a doctor that was on board with alternate treatments, she would not have been encouraged to do that. It would have been the opposite. She would be encouraged to eat clean and healthy and given the best advice on how to prevent cancer from happening to her.

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