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Kombucha to buy is quite expensive. I found making your own costs pennies.

Start with 1 gallon of filtered water. 16 cups (3636.87 ml)

1 cup organic cane sugar

8 tea bags (black or green) I use green because they have less tannins, which can impede iron absorption

Bring water and sugar to a boil add tea bags. Turn off heat. Let tea bags sit in water until water comes to room temp.

Take tea bags out.

Pour tea mixture in a large jar. I bought mine from Home sense. Looks like a large mason jar with a spout.

Put in scoby. Cover the top with coffee filters with an elastic. It needs to allow air to escape. You need to make sure its secure so fruit flys don’t get in. (They love Kombucha)

I find it takes about 2 weeks to ferment. If you taste it and it tastes sweet its not ready. It should be slightly fizzy and slightly sour. You will need to pour through a strainer to get the bits of yeast floating around.

You can put it in bottles and add frozen berries. Fruit juice, apple cider. Whatever taste you like. Experiment with flavours.

Make a new batch and put the scoby back in. You will find it gets thicker and thicker and new ones will form on top. Thats when you can start sharing them with others.

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