Low B12 levels.

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ARE you getting all your Vitamin B’s ??

This seems to be one of the more common complaints I hear from clients. Their doctors test them and often times tell them they have low B12 levels.. But unfortunately they are only hearing part of the puzzle. B12 is hard to absorb in the gut. But why are so many people having problems metabolizing B12?


It is a vitamin that is stored in the body for sometimes up to 5 years. So why the problem.? There are a  number of people that come to me and after testing for stomach acidity and seeing results from my questionnaire, they are having digestive issues. Low stomach acid, which is extremely common, as it depletes as we age. Often times their diet is causing inflammation, therefore they will have problems with metabolizing their vitamins and minerals. You also need all of the B vitamins. They all work together. You cannot just take B12 on its own. So therefore you should address the stomach issues first and foremost, then get on a good quality multi vitamin with all of the B’s. Of course I recommend Usana for the potency, quality and most importantly it is easily absorbed in the body.

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