You control your destiny !!!

July 21, 2017 Healthy Foods 0 Comments


I had read a great post on facebook recently, written by Steve Jobs. Unlike other quotes I have read previous of people during their last days of life. He explains that when you have had all the money you have ever needed, you question what are the most important things people value. Most people will tell you it is the people around them. The relationships they build. The love of other people. Your health is something else people take for granted, until you are diagnosed with an illness and become too sick to work or even worse end up in a hospital bed. Steve Jobs says… I quote “A hospital bed is the most expensive bed you will every lay on”.

I have talked to far too many people that wish they had more time to spend with family and friends. They wish they felt better and had more energy. They wish they had planned better for their future. How do you have all three you ask? It is a balance that is sometimes hard to create. But there are lots of ways to incorporate these things into your life. When people tell me they are too busy for this, too busy for that, I can’t help but get a little confused. Who runs your life? You do.!! Be brave and make changes. Don’t just settle for what people have made you believe you are capable of. Don’t let them crush your dreams. Your are never too old to embark in a new adventures or a new job.

You are the master of your own ship. Set sail and make those dreams come true.!!!

Love, joy and gratitude.


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