About Linda

RHN/NNP (Registered Holistic Nutritionist) Member of CANNP

Linda grew up with parents who had an interest in health and fitness, which helped instill this in her at a young age. Unfortunately, her life was turned upside down with a cancer diagnosis at the age of 39 and with two young kids.

She knew it was a wakeup call that things needed to change. She started researching on how to improve her own health, and actually felt it was a blessing that she stumbled across info about holistic nutrition, and that sparked her into a journey she is forever grateful for.

She enrolled in a Holistic Nutrition course, which she completed in the accelerated 1 year version of the course in 2007.  She has consulted with hundreds of people since then, and also loves to teach other’s how to become Holistic Nutritionists at CSNN, where she has taught since 2016.

She also runs a non profit group called healingstrong in Canada, an organization that is run world wide, for people with cancer. This program is an intensive 12 session program, with dozens of non toxic therapies and links to help support people in their cancer journey. It is run online on zoom on a regular basis. To join our program contact Linda at the front of this website. 

She is also partnered with a top nutritional company USANA Health Sciences in 2011. This company follows all of the practices of chemical free, and was started by an immunologist in 1992. This amazing company gives their athletes a million dollar guarantee they are free of any banned substances. These reasons are why Linda joined this company. All of these  align perfectly with Linda’s vision for optimal health. 

Linda’s belief in God has been a powerful part of her healing, as well as her client’s. The spiritual part of the body and mind connection, is instrumental in our healing process. 

She teaches her clients easy ways to incorporate an anti -inflammatory diet in a busy lifestyle.

She is an avid cook and loves to teach her clients easy and healthy ways to prepare everyday meals. She can also help them learn how to take the confusion out of shopping for healthy foods, and what chemical free products to use for themselves and family, to help prevent disease.

She would love to walk the journey with you, and guide you to your best body for life.