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I teach clients the simple solution to permanent health living.
Tracy Dayboll
Tracy Dayboll
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“I can’t sing her praises enough!! Thanks so much Linda, you’re awesome!!”


Our recipes are all based on whole foods and are dairy and wheat free. Healthy alternatives to some of family favourites. Desserts healthy enough to eat first.


For optimal health we need to understand the importance of having balance. Getting regular movement into our day. Pampering yourself to massage, or epsom salt baths or just curling up with a good book.


Even if we eat mostly organic whole foods, is that enough to have optimal health? Research says probably not. With our soils depleted, and food travelling a distance, we need to fill in the gaps. We are partnered with the best company to do that.

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Connecting with our creator is first and foremost in our health journey. We need the positive mindset and belief that we can do all things through him who strengthens us. Then we will have the self control to follow through and see results.We would love to walk with you in that journey.

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We have more than one location to serve you on your journey to health.

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