Healthy Recipes/Menu Plan

Here is an example of a Healthy 5 day Meal Plan to get you on track to a healthier life style. Use our recipe blog to change up the menu and for more ideas.

Day One

Breakfast – Nutrimeal active with frozen berries, banana, an avocado, ground flax seeds,
ground hemp seeds, with soy or almond milk.
Snack– Fresh fruit skin on, glass of almond milk
Lunch– Large green salad, add nuts( almonds, cashews, walnuts, sesame and sunflower seeds). walnuts are the highest in Omega 3 
Snack– Fruit or  raw vegetable of your choice, nutrition bar
Supper – Brown rice with vegetables( peppers, onions, garlic, and any dark greens you would like, such as collard greens, swiss chard,   spinach etc.) and beans or substitute with lean chicken or turkey.  Add lots of dark greens as these are great for your liver.

Day Two

Breakfast–  Nutrimeal active protein powder with banana, ground flax seeds, ground hemp seeds, soy or almond milk
Snack– fresh fruit with 1/4 cup nuts
Lunch -Left over supper – brown rice with vegetables.
Snack– nutrition bar
Supper – Grilled fish, with roasted potatoes (try sweet potatoes, leave skins on for extra fiber) and steamed veggies.

Potatoes have gotten a bad rap. There are full of vitamins and mineral. I always suggest baking and leaving skins on. 

Day Three

Breakfast– Cook whole grains (quinoa, millet steel cut oats) soak over night in water for faster cooking time in morning, add cinnamon, raisons, dates or fruit, ground flax seeds,small amount of pure maple syrup, and almond or soy milk. Or use a crock pot. Put a steel bowl in your crock pot. Pour water around the outside of the bowl. Put 3 cups of water into steel bowl add one cup of grains. Leave on overnight. In the morning you have breakfast made.
Snack– nutrition bar
Lunch -Left over fish – potatoes and vegetables.
Snack – raw vegetables with humus dip
Supper– Kamut or brown rice pasta (organic spaghetti sauce low in salt) add lightly steamed vegetables,peppers, carrots, onions, celery. Try adding different greens such as swiss chard or collard greens or spinach. You can add ground turkey or chicken, or add tofu. You can find Kamut pasta in the organic section in most stores. It is an ancient grain. The gluten is easier to digest than whole wheat.

Day Four

Breakfast Nutrimeal active vanilla protein powder add berries avocado, coconut if you choose. soy rice or almond milk as base
Snack– fresh fruit or raw vegetable with nuts and seeds(1/4 cup)
Lunch– pasta (brown rice, kamut, spelt or rye)with organic sauce and with sauted vegetables.
Snack– nutrition bar
Supper– Quinoa(cooks like rice) with veggies. Can add canned beans(black, chick, or lentils.) Add marinade. Look for marinades in the recipe section.


Day Five

Breakfast–  Pasture raised eggs, with peppers, onions, garlic. 
snack– 1/4 cup walnuts
Lunch–  Large green salad (organic field greens, add tomatoes, cucumbers, red cabbage, peppers,) Add avocado, and some nuts and seeds. Use balsamic with olive oil. Or try organic dressing by Simply Natural found Super store or Zehrs. They have a honey Dijon that is great.
Snack– nutrition bar
Supper– Vegetable chili(add spinach, carrots ,peppers, onions, garlic,kidney beans, black beans, canned tomatoes) or add turkey or chicken or tofu.

The protein powder I use is from USANA. I have found it is the cleanest protein powder I could find. Only have 6 ingredients. Has 0 glycemic count. You can choose from Whey, Soy, or Plant based. If you go to the front of my website page you can click on USANA products to check out prices and other products that we carry. 

USANA also has the Nutrimeal Active protein powder in vanilla, chocolate and plant based. People will see the ingredients and comment on the sugar being 16 grams. It is derived from fruit. The shakes are a good source of protein and fiber, therefore, the glycemic account is low. Will not raise insulin and if safe for diabetics and people that are wanting to lose or sustain a healthy weight.

Whey protein powder contains cysteine which is a precursor to glutathione, which a powerful antioxidant for the liver. 

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If you feel the need to snack in the evenings. I would suggest organic popcorn with organic butter. I use a wok and use virgin coconut oil to pop.  I make my own popcorn seasonings from nutritional yeast( health food store) and dried dill, or chili peppers and a little sea salt.