I am fighting cancer, f…..ck cancer, hate cancer !!! How about……

How about instead of using the words I hate cancer, f…..ck cancer, killing cancer. Lets win the war on cancer. Lets find the cure for cancer etc etc. Lets look at what research has proven why people are getting cancers, and hate the things that cause it, and do preventative things, and heal the body and  not cause additional harm.

I love that people are wanting to be strong and have victory over a deadly disease. But what if we are looking at the wrong things to win the war. What if you look around at all the things in our environment. What if we looked at the labels and understood what those ingredients actually were doing to your body. What if you looked at the ingredients in the flu shot and understood what those chemicals do to your body. What if you looked at ingredients in your shampoo, lotions, makeup and understood what those ingredients do. Cleaning products in your home. Even the way we live our lives. Unforgiveness, bitterness, anger. Working a job you hate ….those things all effect our body and our cells. Cancer is our cells, It is not something that just creeped into your body. They are your cells, and it is your body telling you something is not right. Cancer is a compromised immune system. It is a body that is unbalanced with chemicals, poor diet, emotions not dealt with.

If we want the true cure for cancer we need to look at lots of different things. Yes this may take more time and more researching. Looking at labels. Not eating some of your favourite foods. Eating foods that you don’t necessarily like the taste of. Why do we think everything we eat has to be absolutely delicious to eat it. Sometimes eating is for survival and healing.

I had cancer. I looked at my so called healthy diet, and realized there were definitely changes I could make.  Fast forward 17 years later, and can honestly say I feel better than I ever have. I help people everyday. I see the addictions to unhealthy foods. I see the products they use that are full of chemicals. I see the lack of vitamins and minerals that most people have going on. Eating foods void of nutrients, such as processed foods with sugars, processed salt, Vegetable oils. Non organic grains sprayed with glyphosates. Foods containing GMO’s which are known to cause digestive issues. These cause damaged villi (which is how we absorb nutrients). Leaky gut ( gaps in the intestinal wall), which causes undigested food into the blood stream. It causes allergies, asthma, inflammation which is often the cause of arthritis. Pasteurized dairy is a huge problem. It causes an immune response in the body. So many people are thinking yogurt is good for them. Most yogurt in the stores has no beneficial bacteria left sitting on store shelves for weeks, and then is pasteurized and full of chemicals and possible PCB. Dairy is linked to increase in prostate, breast. ling and ovarian cancers. I find most people have a strong addiction to cheese.

It is harder and harder to find clean sources of foods and cleaning products, but it is even getting harder and harder seeing millions of people getting cancer and diabetes. I am saddened  by the way our medical world makes people believe they need to fight this disease with more toxic chemicals. Toxic chemicals is what led them there in the first place. Your cancer cells are cells that don’t have the ability to self destruct, which is called apoptosis. The apoptosis gene can often times be turned back on with high amounts of antioxidants. Your body wants to heal. If given the right tools it can. God gave us an incredible body that is designed to heal. But we need to give it the right things. Does it make sense that if lifestyle choices such as unhealthy diet, chemicals in our foods, on our bodies and in our environment have more than likely caused the issue, should we then give it toxic chemo and radiation. ? Chemo and radiation in itself will give you cancer. There are warnings on the packages of chemo. Why in Gods name would we give someone something that causes further damage.

Thousands are healing themselves without toxic chemo and radiation. No you won’t see it on TV or in the news. But I am one of those people that did not have any toxic drugs. I have personally talked to others that have done it as well. Even people with stage 4 and given a death sentence, healed themselves without toxic chemicals.

Cancer takes decades to develop a tumor. Don’t be scared into making a decision quickly. Remember cancer is a billion dollar industry. I am not a pessimist. But I do believe that money is a huge motivator for doctors and oncologists who are getting kick backs to push drugs they make money on. They are not encouraged to look at alternate methods of healing. They will call alternative methords quackery, But  what is quackery in my mind, is the fact ,that the survival rate for cancer victims has not changed in over 50 years.  People are dying from the damage their bodies have endured during chemo and radiation. People are not being empowered to make changes to their lifestyle and diet. This is quackery. People being told their diet doesn’t make a difference. That is quackery. How can that be said with all the research out there, about nutrition. Candies on the counters of oncologists offices, that is quackery.

Very educated people misinforming people on the way their bodies can heal. That is quackery.We need to stop the nonsense.! Stop the lies.! Stop the Quackery of the western medical world’s way of dealing with cancer.

Instead of Hating Cancer:

Hate GMO’s causing severe issues with peoples digestive tracts. (hence all the gluten intolerances)

Hate chlorinated and polluted and fluoride laddened water,

Hate fast food, processed food laddened with sugar and salt.

Hate smoking and the tobacco industry

Hate self abuse.

Hate Stress and the effects this has on our bodies. Hate how companies don’t care about their employees, make longer work days and higher work load.

Hate a bad diet , hate addictive artificial sweeteners that make people addicted.

Hate vaccine additives that are linked to auto immune disease, austism and host of other issues, including cancer.

Hate the chemicals in our air and food supply.

Hate the companies that have made these chemicals Monsanto, Bayer, Dow chemical, DuPont.

Hate the government for allowing our food and environment to be poisoned. They have shares in a great deal of the companies.

Hate the medical community for not teaching patients how to live cleaner lives instead of pumping them up like guinea pigs with more chemicals.

It is not cancer you need to be pissed of at. But all of these things that are allowed, and we are not informed and this info is kept from us.

Cancer is on the rise. Will increase by 50% by 2020.

Autism is on the rise 1 in 2 children are predicted to have autism by 2025 at the rate we are going. Glyphosate toxicity mimics autism.

Be aware of our choices. If you are confused look to an educated  Holistic Nutritionist, Naturopathic Doctor. Homeopathic Doctor etc.

There are many other well recognized Medical doctors turned natural. Dr Mercola, Dr Axe. Check out Truthaboutcancer with Ty Bollinger.

I hate what is being hidden and how people are being treated. I love people and I love God. God created our planet and our bodies. Turn to him to ask for ways to heal. He created everything we need to heal.

Love peace and gratitude

Linda Murphy RHN



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Linda Murphy

Linda Murphy

Linda is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She teaches her clients easy ways to incorporate an anti-inflammatory diet in a busy lifestyle. She is an avid cook and loves to teach her clients easy and healthy ways to prepare everyday meals.
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