Those that don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.

If we know the history of how black people were treated around 200 years ago. Really not that long if you look at human history. If you understand they were not allowed to purchase land, weren’t not allowed certain jobs, and were bought and sold as slaves and were actually bred to continue the slave industry. Despite some brave people declaring that the bible said that no human should be under the authority of other humans.

The civil rights laws were not put through until 1963. This had allowed Blacks to have the same rights as white people. Fast forward to now, do we really feel that they are being treated any different? Do you know that in 1971 under President Nixon- Lee Debridge recommended that food sent to Africa include infertility drugs. This was actually in the New York Times.

Bill Gate has been doing trials for vaccines on people in Africa and India. There are law suits against Gate and his organization for the damage that has been caused against these people. Now Melinda Gates has said they will test the Covid 19 vaccine on black people in Africa first. Why would they do this? These same people that do not care about black lives, do not care about the lives of unborn children. They are founders of planned parent hood. Killing unborn children, and using these fetuses as ingredients in vaccines.

Vaccines are not tested for safety. Try to find a safety testing document. You will not find one. In 1986 the government passed a bill to exempt pharma companies from being sued for damages. You need to ask yourself why would that be? In the US they do have a special court system for vaccine injured people that has paid our over 4 billion dollars. That is only a small percentage of approx 2% of reported cases. People that get compensated must sign a written form claiming they are no longer injured.

So how will the powers to be get us to agree to be vaccinated? They are starting it now by making it very difficult to go anywhere without wearing a mask. Staying 6 feet apart. Organizing back to schools in such a say that parents do not want to send their kids back yet. Authorities continue to say that life will not go back to normal until a cure is found. Which means a vaccine. There are cures that have been found that doctors are using, but none of that is being discussed or shown to the people, because it is not part of the agenda. The mandatory vaccines is the main agenda. The push to get everyone vaccinated will continue and if you don’t comply, they will tell you that you cannot get a license or passport or leave the country without proof of vaccination. It will be up to authorities to decide what you get injected into your body. One government official actually said if people don’t comply we will hold them and inject it. Does he realize that you can charge someone with assault if that is to happen.?

Why are police being defunded? Is it that if the police are removed that the people wanting to enforce their mandates will have nothing standing in their way. Making mandated masks is moving onto mandated vaccines.

None of this at this point is for our health and safety. It is strictly to enforce an agenda upon us that will create billions or trillion of dollars for people invested in big pharma. How many times do we need to see doctor after doctor, and scientist after scientist, trying to educate you on the dangers of vaccines, masks and the agenda that so many see coming.

If you are still on the side of fear, thinking people should wear masks, and think your saviour is a vaccine. Remind yourself on all the conflicting advice all along. Back and forth. Why is there conflicting advice? Are we on the popular side of things or are we based on God given principals. When we are following principals that line up with God, we don’t go back and forth. When we are trying to force people into something that is not lined up with solid principals, those people that base their lives on solid principals¬† will often times show resistance.

People that base their ideas on solid principals are for freedom, human rights, free will and love and compassion. We have another side based on restrictions, disregarding human rights, no free will, forceful actions, shame, insults, fear and angry.¬† I ask you which side are you on? I haven’t found too many in the middle. You need to seriously look at what you are basing your actions on.

You should not feel you should force people into doing what you are doing. That is what the government is trying to do. Do you want to support that? If you want tyranny, communism than maybe living in North America is not for you.

Our constitutional rights are based on free will, human rights and freedom. We have had men lose their lives to maintain that freedom. Are we going to let that be all thrown away.?


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Linda Murphy

Linda Murphy

Linda is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She teaches her clients easy ways to incorporate an anti-inflammatory diet in a busy lifestyle. She is an avid cook and loves to teach her clients easy and healthy ways to prepare everyday meals.
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