Is it all for the better of our society?

When it comes to believing what is written by so called scientists and doctors, we need to reminded that they are human. They were taught according to what was researched before them. This can mean updated and not so updated science.

We are learning lessons as we go. We are learning what is damaging our planet. We are trying to correct our lack of knowledge in lots of areas of life. What and who and how we are subjected to  can make or break our ability to save our planet and ultimately ourselves as a race.

Hmmm…… at one point we believed the earth was flat. Cigarette smoking wasn’t considered harmful. Actually advertising doctor’s favourite brands. Women weren’t discouraged to stop smoking during pregnancy. Were not discouraged to stop drinking alcohol. Weren’t encourage to breast feed.

So many medical procedure that doctors wouldn’t dream of performing on patients now. Procedures are still being performed that should not be done, because they are causing more damage than good. All for the sake of money.

We still have doctors telling patients that diet doesn’t affect cancer.

We have come so far in some areas, but have we come that far in other areas?

Our planet is based on money and agenda’s that may or may be for our best interest.

Most of us are too busy to get the proper knowledge to make good decisions. We may be led to believe something from family, friends and peers. But most cases we are believing so called experts. Anyone can say they are experts. They may be very convincing, but when we dig and see their connections to big corporations, we can quickly see through the smoke screen.

I find we are being led into a direction that is taking more and more power away from the people as a society. The ones directing us may  have money and power as their agenda’s.

Let me ask the question. Is their less so called Acute illness? The answer may be yes. But is the amount of Chronic disease becoming less, or more?

Are these diseases being controlled by drugs? Are these drugs prolonging life, but at what cost? Are we aware of quality of life? Does living longer mean we are progressing or just prolonging disease and poor quality of life.

Is all the science leading us to a better quality of life?

There is science that does show that allowing the body to go through some common ailments, allows the body to create it’s own antibodies that could actually prevent some chronic diseases.

If the rates of autism, diabetes, type 1 diabetes, auto immune diseases, colitis, IBS, cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular disease, are on the rise. Should we not be responsible to find the true causes on what might be causing these things?

We know that diet plays a huge part, but what if other factors are causing an increase. What if what we put into our bodies through other substances could play a factor?

What if these things are not being looked at as closely as they rightly should, for the fact that there just might be a huge amount of lawsuits? There are a large number of lawsuits happening around the world, but in most cases we don’t hear them.

What if we are not seeing the true picture. What if we are only seeing a small fraction of the whole picture?

Think of the countries that are not allowed to view TV, listen to radio outside of their own country. They are kept in the dark and only allowed to be exposed to what people in power want them to see.

In  North America we believe that our government is transparent, but they are not. What if, what the public sees is restricted just as much as some of the countries we view as primitive and  repressed. There are so many things that we don’t see and hear about. I am appalled at all the things that I have found out over the years, that is not released for the public to see.

We are not allowed to parent our children as we choose. Parents are forced into treatments that they may not agree with. Forced into putting substances into their children that they know have not been researched the way they should.

Think about the way so many people’s bodies are becoming riddled with disease, and ask yourself. Maybe it is what is being forced upon us that may be the culprit.






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Linda Murphy

Linda Murphy

Linda is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She teaches her clients easy ways to incorporate an anti-inflammatory diet in a busy lifestyle. She is an avid cook and loves to teach her clients easy and healthy ways to prepare everyday meals.
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