How to recognize adrenal fatigue



You may have heard about adrenal fatigue and not sure what it is or how to recognize if you are that person.

I work with lot of people that are suffering with this condition. Common ones are constant fatigue, not sleeping, difficult time losing weight. You have signs of thyroid problems, but doctor says your thyroid hormone is fine.

This list is a good indicator that your adrenals are in need of support:

6-8 am Energy slump on Waking. You struggle to drag yourself out of bed and can’t get going without a strong coffee or two.

9:30-11 am: Energy low. Your body still feels like you’ve got no gas in the tank.

12-2 pm: Energy rise. After lunch you finally feel awake enough get more done. But the energy doesn’t last.

3- 5 pm: Energy slump: At work, you keep wanting to put your head down on the desk. At home, your so exhausted you have to have a quick nap.

6- 9 pm: Energy rise or continued dip. You slowly recover from the afternoon trough. or you are seriously fatigued you have to take a nap when you get home.

9;30- 10 pm: Energy low. You’re tired, even nodding off, but you’ve been rushing all day so you want to sit up a bit longer to feel you actually have a life.

11 pm: Energy rise. you suddenly get a second wind and end up reading for hours or watching back to back episodes or the latest series of Netflix.

1- 2 am: Energy dip. You finally feel tired enough to sleep

3- 5 am:  Energy rise. You wake from sleep quickly or only manage to nod off again shortly before it’s time to get up for the day.

There are ways to help support the adrenals. They are a very important organ needing a large amount of B vitamins. Most people don’t get enough from diet and we burn them up quickly when under stress.

Your adrenals need magnesium and EFA’s as well.

Diaphram breathing is great to reduce cortisol as well.

I suggest my clients take a good quality multi vitamin that contains all the B’s and magnesium. Take Omega 3 supplements. We can’t possibly get enough from our food.

I use USANA Cellsentials. These are rated the best in the world. If you are in doubt. Get your hands on Nutrisearch Comparative Guide to nutritional supplements by Lyle McWilliams. This is a third party that rates over 1600 supplements.

request a consult to find out more ways to help support your beautiful adrenals.

Love and Gratitude

Linda Murphy RHN


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Linda Murphy

Linda Murphy

Linda is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She teaches her clients easy ways to incorporate an anti-inflammatory diet in a busy lifestyle. She is an avid cook and loves to teach her clients easy and healthy ways to prepare everyday meals.
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