Losing weight effectively

So many weight loss programs…. how do we pick. With all the conflicting information on the web today, it is so hard for people sometimes to decide how, and what should be done to help lose weight and keep it off. People go on and off weight loss programs. But why? If it is not a lifestyle change, people will go on a program, can’t stay on the program, go off the program and gain back  the weight. It is important for people to understand what foods do to the body, what foods heal the body and how to cleanse and stay on track. I feel that my clients have success, because they learn to understand how their body works. They cleanse their bodies, kick sugar cravings, have more energy and stay on track.

I don’t feel weighing food, counting points, counting calories is a lifestyle that can be maintained. We lose touch with how to listen to our body. If we put the right foods in, our bodies start to talk to us. We feel the slightest changes in energy, we may feel changes in how we respond to certain foods. If we are constantly eating the wrong foods we don’t feel the slight variations in our body.

People that live off the land instinctively know what to eat and how to heal the body. The average person has lost the ability to know what to eat and how to heal. We can reconnect with the earth and our natural ability by eating whole foods, using herbs and essential oils to re balance and heal the body.

Research has shown that one specific diet over the other, paleo, vegan, vegetatarian, etc, isn’t any better over the other. What is important is eating real whole foods. Not processed white flour, white sugar etc. Sourcing where your food comes from is very important. Eat local when possible. Eat organic when possible (avoiding pesticides is very important). Eating animals from farms that are conscious on how they raise their animals. Not using antibiotics on a regular basis. Feeding animals, Non GMO feed. Grass fed cows over grain fed. All these things can make a huge difference on our health.

Starting a new lifestyle can be challenging. Like anything new, we need to give ourselves time to create new habits. Sometimes we have had habits that are years old. Changes does not happen over night. You may have to introduce one new thing at a time. Give yourself time to fit it in to your schedule. You may need to do this one new thing for at least 3 weeks for it to become a habit. Be patient with yourself. It is important to stay positive and encourage yourself. It is pointless to self sabotage yourself, but many of us do. Once you have mastered one new thing, and feel good about it, then move on to another new change. Once you start to have success, you will encouraged to keep going and try another new habit. You will start to feel stronger, have more energy and feel more in control.

Losing weight may inspire you to try other news things in your life. Maybe you have wanted to try a new sport, change jobs. Whatever it is, we sometimes need to start the ball rolling. Many people go through life feeling defeated and discouraged. You may be settling for things you don’t need to settle for.

You have a  God given purpose. As long as you want to make changes, that is the first step. Step into your new way of thinking, with the help of a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. We can help you take care of Mind , Body and Spirit, and you can soon have your Bestbody4life.



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Linda Murphy

Linda Murphy

Linda is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She teaches her clients easy ways to incorporate an anti-inflammatory diet in a busy lifestyle. She is an avid cook and loves to teach her clients easy and healthy ways to prepare everyday meals.
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