Mediation is not to empty the mind but it is to fill it. Fill it with the word of God. Fill it with all the things he says we should focus on.

Do you focus on those things that are making you fearful and worried? If you are, then it may be much more beneficial to pick up the great text book, which is the Bible. This book is filled with all the things needed to help us in every aspect of our lives.

I once found the Bible hard to read. I once thought it was too big to get through. Have you felt that way? It seems to be pretty common to feel that way at first. It is like anything, it may take a while to feel comfortable reading through and understanding how the word can pertain to our lives. But once you start to read it on a regular basis, you will find as I did and millions of others, that it can actually speak to you in your situation and you can feel peace, strength, and best of all increase your faith.

You may even relate to the characters in the Bible and see how their situation is similar to what you are going through. Do you think maybe that was intentional? Oh yes my friend, it is. God had those stories to inspire you. People with flaws just like you and me. Not perfect people. People with sin, with weaknesses. But what they did have was a willing heart. A heart to trust in God to get them through the challenges.

The story of Noah who despite being mocked by others, he continue to build the ark for an almost mind boggling length of time of over 75 years. Abraham and Sarah had a baby at an age nobody would ever ever consider. They were close to 100 years of age.

Peter wrote scripture in prison. He spoke of joy and peace. Joseph spent decades going through trial after trial until he came back to his father and brothers. But when he came back he was successful and rich.

Mediating on all the good things God promises is the only type of mediation I want to focus my attention on. Not emptying my mind but filling it with all of God’s promises and goodness he has said that he will do for all that believe.

If you want to join our worship group that meets daily on zoom reach out and ask for the link. My sisters in Christ are lifting up those that need support and prayer.


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Linda Murphy

Linda Murphy

Linda is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She teaches her clients easy ways to incorporate an anti-inflammatory diet in a busy lifestyle. She is an avid cook and loves to teach her clients easy and healthy ways to prepare everyday meals.
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