What your liver loves

The liver is the largest solid organ in the body and plays an important role in the process of digestion through regulation and by ensuring the release of post-digestive nutrients

How to recognize adrenal fatigue

    You may have heard about adrenal fatigue and not sure what it is or how to recognize if you are that person. I work with lot of people

Is it all for the better of our society?

When it comes to believing what is written by so called scientists and doctors, we need to reminded that they are human. They were taught according to what was researched

Happy heart happy life!!!!   My husband was having issues with high blood pressure and low energy. Of course we have him eating more fruits and veggies. Going for walks everyday and drinking

No pork on my fork !! Listen up meat lovers, and Keto lovers. If you aren’t eating organic meat, you are ingesting a drug called ractopamine. Ractopamine belongs to a class of drugs commonly administered

Broccoli cauliflower cream soup

This soup is so delicious and so healthy and easy. I have been buying frozen organic veggies more often. I often look at the organic veggies in the produce section

Pharmaceutical……. mafia??

Richard Smith: Is the pharmaceutical industry like the mafia? September 10, 2013 3.36k The piece that follows is my foreword to a new and fascinating book by Peter  Gøtzsche, the